What Are The Best Times To Visit Maui

Maui is an all-year vacation destination thanks to the mild weather experienced in this part of the world. This simply means that when it comes to visiting this destination, there is no bad time.

However, your travel budget preferred tourist activities and overall goal for visiting Maui all have an influence on the best times to schedule your planned visit for the best overall experience.

Read on below to find out more about the best times to travel to Maui.

Seasonal Fluctuations In Weather

Located in a mild tropical climate zone, Maui experiences two main seasons each year, winter and summer. The summer season runs from the months of April to October, while winters run from November to March.

While average annual average temperatures vary between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, with the days being mostly sunny and warm all year round, the summers tend to be drier and warmer while the winters tend to be cooler and rainier.

This makes it a great summer destination, in addition to being a great option for those looking to escape the cold winter weather in other parts of the country.

Seasonal Fluctuations In Operator Prices

Maui has both a high and low season in terms of tourist numbers. The high season, covering summer, winter and other holiday seasons, sees the largest tourist crowds. However, the low season, covering the fall and spring seasons as well as the month of January, is characterized by low crowds – with operators offering accommodation and travel discounts to attract the tourists; making it the best time to visit by those looking to make savings.

Seasonal Things To Do In Maui

Some tourist activities are seasonal in Maui. For instance, during the whale season, which runs from the middle of December to May, jet skiing and parasailing operations are suspended. Furthermore, some trails may be off bounds during the rainier winter period; however, the best waves for surfing are seen during this time of the year.

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